"Accomplishment Never Gets Old."

From Retirement to Inspirement. Reading the Late Boomers book will make you feel great!

Late Boomers - a book that will inspire and motivate you.

From Retirement to Inspirement

This book can be the best gift you ever give a parent, spouse or loved one. Give yourself the gift, too.

This collection of motivating, real-life stories show the spirit that lives in each of us, no matter how old we are.   Late Boomers, and the people in it, provide inspiring examples of what can be done, at any age.  Thinking of retirement?  Order your copy below and maybe you, too, will boom!

Accomplishment Never Gets Old.

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"You'll love her inspirational stories, especially since they are about "Late Boomers"! It will inspire you to chase those dreams we've been talking about for many years."  Neal R.

You will see (and a lot more!):

- How an antsy retiree and and his wife, opened a wildly successful comedy club. And they had never even been in a comedy club!  And he had never even been in a comedy club!

- How a former chef cooked up a life-saving dog sanctuary built exclusively for neglected senior dogs.

- How a grandmother, out of necessity and never having invented anything, designed a baby product and appeared on the TV show, Shark Tank!

"What a fun read.  These people are amazing!" - Tara H.

"As a Baby Boomer, this book really spoke to me. It helped me think of all the things I can do, even after retirement. The people in this book really are inspiring. I highly recommend it. Five stars."  - Mark R.

For Retirement, Inspiration and Motivation

Get Inspired. And Get Going!