"Accomplishment Never Gets Old."

About the Author - Aging without limits.

An unexpected thing happened to Jeri Bernstein. She got old. 

And although this fact was verified by her driver’s license, she sure didn’t feel old. She had plenty of energy, did Cross Fit three times a week, loved rock n’ roll concerts and was full-steam ahead with her career as a freelance copywriter. 

“You know, people my age, or even older, don’t feel like curling up or giving up, for that matter. People are healthier and more engaged in life, sometimes more than they ever have been.” As Jeri loves to say, “There’s plenty of gas left in the tank.” She was pretty sure her sentiment and non-geriatric outlook were quite common for the ‘baby boomers’ of the world. So, via Facebook, the internet and word-of-mouth, she started searching for people who are doing extraordinary things in life, when they already had lived a good part of their life. What she found was amazing, inspiring and worth sharing with the world.

Late Boomers is not only a play on words, but a beautiful collection of stories about aging without limits--people who have made life-changing differences, later in life. Says the author, “These incredible people are doing unexpected things that sometimes changed the world and definitely changed themselves. Their Late Boomer achievements have made them happier, more fulfilled and more vital than they ever imagined they could be…at any age! I hope the book inspires ‘boomers’ everywhere to keep on truckin’.” (Did we mention, Jeri loves rock n’ roll?)

In addition to a motivator for the elder generation, Jeri is an advertising copywriter, a decent tennis player and mother of four with two grandchildren. Late Boomers is her first book and testament to the fact that Accomplishment Never Gets Old.

Jeri has BS in Advertising from the University of Illinois.  Got a story to tell?  Jeri can be reached at Jeri@LateBoomersRock.com

Jeri Bernstein
You can also check out Jeri on Amazon at amazon.com/author/jeribernstein