"Accomplishment Never Gets Old."

Jeri's Corner

Below, Jeri talks about some of the people who have accomplished amazing things later in life.  These videos are from a collection of inspiring stories in Late Boomers.

Meet the ICU Grandpa - A man who found his passion late in life.


Meet Fred R. Jolly - Fred, at age 62, hiked the Appalachian Trail, including 2,190 miles of rugged terrain, in 195 days.  Retirement age definitely did not slow Fred down.


Meet Grandpa Chan who drew his family together and is still drawing admirers all over the world.


Meet Linda Kleiman - Aging doesn't mean quitting. At age 70, Linda ventured into the Budtender profession on a fancy. Aging is a state of mind. Get inspired and follow your dreams. Get your book, now by clicking HERE. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Meet Rich and Malynda Madzel - Aging and retirement didn't slow them down...from opening a comedy club!

Meet Lou Childs - Aging and retirement didn't stop Lou from becoming an inventor and wildly successful entrepreneur.


Meet Bill Zimmerman - Bill didn't let aging or retirement stop him from his mission to contribute to society and to “do good.” Through his book writing and newspaper experience, he knew the comic book “format” was a great way to connect with children.  You can access Bill’s remarkable site at MakeBeliefsComix.com


Meet Andree Kehn - Andree didn't let aging or retirement stop her from letting the good times roll! 

Meet Charlie Kleman.  He didn't let aging stop him.  Charlie became a volunteer dog transporter for Atlanta Lab Rescue, taking dogs all over the southeast, from high-kill shelters to the refuge of foster homes or safety of welcoming kennels. 


Meet Linda McKenzie.  She didn't aging stop her from helping herself, while helping others.


Meet Penny Miller, a wonderful woman who didn't let her age stop her saving and rescuing dogs.